Who is the highest grossing film director of all time?

And the answer: Steven Spielberg.    
Photo credit: Romain DUBOIS.

The most commercially successful director in history, Steven Spielberg holds the record as the highest grossing film director with worldwide box office sales totaling over $10 billion. Born in 1946, Spielberg has produced, written, and directed some of modern cinema’s most recognizable movies, such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, E.T., Back to the Future, and Shrek.

Aside from being the highest grossing film director of all time, Spielberg is more generally recognized worldwide as one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. Born in 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio, by the time he was ten years old Spielberg had already begun to develop his eye for the camera. The young film director purportedly told his father, who was shooting home videos on 8 millimeter film, that the footage was awfully “boring,” and promptly took over the role of family photographer himself. By the time he had graduated high school, Spielberg had already created his first film.

After a few brief stints in college, Spielberg dropped out to pursue his passion for directing. At Universal Studios, Spielberg’s first official directorial debut was on a show titled Night Gallery, and the episode he was to direct featured none other than iconic Hollywood movie star Joan Crawford. Despite the intimidating task of directing such an established actress, Spielberg continued to prove his presence in the room with his impeccable eye for direction and production. And with the release of the 1975 film Jaws, Spielberg’s fame skyrocketed. The film was the first to break $100 million in the box office, and won three Academy Awards. Just two years later, Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind garnered six more Academy Awards. From there, there was no stopping him. To date, Spielberg has been nominated for 24 Academy Awards for his major motion pictures, and holds a net worth of around $4 billion. Talk about self-made!

Did you know?

Yesterday was the Golden Globes! Each year, the ceremony recognizes excellence in both American and international film and television in a lead-up to the larger ceremony of the Academy Awards. Safe to say, Spielberg is doing just fine in both departments, with 7 Golden Globes to his name.

Learn more about Spielberg and the Golden Globes here.

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