Which U.S. President expanded the observance of National Adoption Week into National Adoption Month?

And the answer: Bill Clinton.    
Photo credit: Genus Law

For the month of November, National Adoption Month was made official with the issuance of a proclamation on November 1, 1995. The original Adoption Week began in 1976 by Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. The heart of the observance is to promote families’ abilities to give safe, loving homes to children who are waiting in the foster care system.

From volunteer recruitment, to recognition dinners, to fundraising drives and more, each November marks another season of heightened attention toward the children and teens in foster care throughout the United States. Whether you celebrate National Adoption Day or the full 30 days of National Adoption Month, the mission remains the same: celebrate the families who have grown through adoption, and to recognize the many children who are still waiting for permanent homes.

In recent years, more focus has been drawn to teens, many of which have waited longer for permanency than younger adoptees. According to the official National Adoption Month site, over one in five children waiting to be adopted were teens. Yet, National Adoption Month helps shed light on the necessity of being a resource to children in the foster care system, and in fact drives positive change. In 2019, 3,652 more children were adopted from foster care than the previous year. In that year alone, 57,208 children were adopted, increasing the adoption rate 13% in two years.

Did you know?

It’s National Adoption Month! This November is a chance for individuals, organizations, businesses, and families of any shape and size to celebrate adoption and acknowledge the needs still yet to be met by the current systems in place. National Adoption Month also includes National Adoption Day, November 20, which is observed in courthouses all across the country. On this day each year, thousands of adoptions are finalized simultaneously.  

Learn more about National Adoption Month and how to get involved here.

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