Which U.S. President declared World Freedom Day a national holiday?

And the answer: George Bush.  
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In 2001, President George W. Bush declared November 9th World Freedom Day to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall on that day in 1989, a significant turning point in the Cold War. World Freedom Day recognizes the historical significance of such events, and acknowledges ongoing authoritarian regimes on a global scale.

Since the falling of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Germany has made considerable progress in the rectification of a more fair and just state for all citizens. Germany’s new constitution established a system of government that incorporated many features of the British parliamentary system, as well as many political structures from the models of the United States and other federal governments. In reaction to the centralization of power during the Nazi era, the German government transitioned to a new system, which granted the states considerable autonomy. In addition to federalism, the new system formally declared the principles of human rights, as well as the right of the Federal Constitutional Court to void a law by declaring it unconstitutional.

Did you know?

Yesterday, November 9th, 2022, was World Freedom Day! Although the date was initially inaugurated to commemorate the falling of the Berlin Wall, it now stands to represent the rise in democracy and freedom across the world. It may seem natural to voice your opinion, protest freely, or have rights protected under the law, but those are privileges afforded by a democratically-elected government, after all.

Today, World Freedom Day celebrates the efforts of all countries fighting for a democratic government. In 2021, President Biden recognized the freedom struggles taking place across the world—from Sudan to Zambia, and Belarus to Venezuela. Learn more about the holiday here.

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