Which popular English Premier League football club is known as "The Red Devils"?

And the answer: Manchester United.
Photo credit: fair use.

Due to their distinctive red jerseys and the devil in their team’s crest, Manchester United sports the nickname "The Red Devils." They are based in Old Trafford in Greater Manchester, England, and are one of the most profitable and widely popular teams in the UK.

For over 140 years, Manchester United has occupied one of the top positions in England’s Premier League football club. But the Club’s beginnings were rocky, to say the least. In 1901, about a decade after its inception, Manchester United—then named Newton Heath LYR Football Club—was dangerously low on funds. So low, in fact, that Club captain Harry Stafford strapped a tin to his dog Major’s collar and walked him around the city with the aim of collecting donations—that is, until Major went missing. After a desperate search, Stafford finally found the dog in a pub. A few beers later, Stafford convinced the wealthy pub owner to invest in his team, and Newton Heath (later, Manchester United) was saved.

Manchester United was the first English club to win the European Championship in 1968. Today, Manchester United holds the record for most Premier League titles, with a whopping 20 wins. Beyond that, Manchester United also leads the tournament’s historical table, in terms of most wins, most goals, and most points won.

Manchester United’s home field is the Old Trafford stadium, commonly known as "The Theater of Dreams." The stadium originally opened on February 19, 1910 with a capacity of approximately 80,000 people. During the World War II, however, Old Trafford was used by the military as a depot, and in 1941, it recieved heavy damage from a German bombing raid. In fact, the damage to the stadium was so severe that from ’41 to ’49, the team had to play in Manchester City Stadium.

Learn more about this legendary football club here.  

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