Which country started “Movember” in 2003, better known as No Shave November?

And the answer: Australia.    
Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi

In 2003, two mates in Australia were having drinks in Melbourne when they joked about bringing mustaches back into fashion—at least for the month of November, where the portmanteau gets its name. The following year, more fans joined in by growing mustaches throughout November, raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Movember has raised over $710 million for over 1,200 men's health programs in 21 countries.

The beginning of November marks not only the start of the holiday season, but the start of another event worth celebrating: No Shave November. For a month out of the year, men are encouraged to leave their razors and shaving cream on the shelf in an effort to bring awareness to common cancers found in men. While The Movember organization raises and donates money to programs related to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health issues, the No-Shave November movement (because, technically they’re separate things) encourages men (and women) to donate the money they would have otherwise spent on shaving-related products and services to the American Cancer Society.

Did you know?

It’s No Shave November/Movember! While it may seem like a fad to some, as of 2018 some four million mustaches have been grown in the month of November, and hundreds of millions of dollars donated to men’s health programs. At official Movember events, you can even win prizes and put your facial hair to the test against other beard-growers!

Learn more about the cause here.

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