Which country has the highest consumption of alcohol per capita?

And the answer: Czechia.    
Photo credit: Steven Walling

In terms of per capita consumption, citizens of the Eastern European country Czechia consumed a whopping 14.26 liters of alcohol per person in 2019, compared to the worldwide average of 5.9 liters. By sex, men drank more than three times the amount of alcohol as women. Czechia’s national drink is an herb-based liqueur called Becherovka, made from a closely-guarded secret recipe of herbs and spices.

Cheers! While drinking culture in the United States has a fascinating and storied history, the culture of alcohol consumption varies widely by region and nation. For example, although many places in the United States do not allow the purchase of alcohol on Sundays, it’s actually a tradition to go for a Sunday morning drink in Germany. Known as Frühschoppen, the practice stems from a time when families used to gather in the pub after Sunday morning church services.

Consumption rates also vary widely by country. While we think of the United States as a country with considerable drinking culture, it actually ranks 25th on the World Health Organization’s list of alcohol consumption per capita. Meanwhile, Russia, known for its heavy consumption of vodka, drank an average of 11.5 liters of pure alcohol per person each year, less than the average of five other countries. Belarus, Lithuania, Grenada, Czechia, and France are some of the countries with the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the world.

Did you know?

It’s Dry January! Launched in 2012 in the UK, the campaign seeks to start a new conversation about alcohol, encourage people to consider and discuss their alcohol consumption, and inspire behavior changes following a positive and fun-filled month of sobriety. Learn more about the initiative here.

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