Which actor has appeared in the most James Bond, or 007, movies?

And the answer: Desmond Llewelyn.  
Photo credit: Towpilot.

Although he didn’t play the titular role in the franchise, Desmond Llewelyn has appeared in 17 Bond movies over four decades. Playing the role of Q, the head of the secretive Q Branch in MI6, Llewelyn has introduced five of the seven actors to portray James Bond, always asking them to return the equipment in one piece.

Since 1962, James Bond has captivated audiences of all ages across multiple generations of viewers. The franchise has released 27 Bond films (and counting), has had seven actors thus far in the titular role, and has become one of the highest-grossing film franchises in history—with over $6.89 billion generated globally. With such a long and varied series of Bond-related adventures across its 60-some years of existence, the franchise has amassed a large and impressive cast of actors in repeat-roles over the years. For example, did you know that three of 007’s closest colleagues at MI6 have been in more Bond movies than Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, or Daniel Moore? Aside from Llewelyn, the two actors that have spent as much time in the high-thrill world of Bond are two of his colleagues at MI6. Lois Maxwell, otherwise known as Miss Moneypenny, took to her role 14 times, with a screen time of slightly less than two hours. Meanwhile, Bernard Lee played M in 11 Bond films until his death in 1981.

While Llewelyn’s 17 movies may seem significant, the impact of his portrayal of Q goes far beyond any other repeat character. The continuity of his presence—not to mention his wisely humored back-and-forth with various Bonds—is unrivaled in the series, and continues to define an entire era of Bond movies.

Learn more about Llewelyn’s portrayal of Q here.

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