Where is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific?

And the answer: Tetepare Island.
Photo credit: Rediscovering Darwin via touropia.com

Located in the Solomon Islands, Tetepare is the largest uninhabited tropical island in the Southern Hemisphere. For upwards of 150 years, Tetepare has remained untouched by commercial logging—solidifying its status as an incredible achievement in conservation efforts.    

For the last century, the 72 square miles of Tetepare’s pristine rainforest have remained gloriously intact. Three species of marine turtles—including the critically endangered leatherback, hawksbill, the endangered green—continue to nest and thrive on Tetepare's volcanic black sand beaches. Meanwhile, sharks, dolphins, crocodiles and an extraordinary diversity of fish species make the island's reefs their homes. In fact, the coral reefs of the region support one of the highest diversities of fish and coral in the world.

The conservation of wildlife that Tetepare continues to afford can be traced to a passionate group of people seeking to protect tradition and natural abundance. At the turn of the millennium, when the threat of logging loomed over Tetepare, the island's traditional landowners rejected logging offers and came together to preserve the wilderness for future generations. An organization made up entirely of local community members called the Tetepare Descendants' Association (the TDA) was created in order to manage and protect the resources of the island as a conservation area.

Today, the island houses an eco-lodge for visiting scientists and adventurous tourists. With a maximum capacity of 15 guests at a time, the island activities range from snorkeling to bird watching to boating— all under the supervision of local guides. The revenue from the ecolodge helps support conservation efforts and provides jobs to descendants from local villages.

Learn more about Tetepare and how to get involved here.

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