Wellington, New Zealand

Which city is the southernmost capital in the world?

And the answer: Wellington.

Photo credit: Newshub. 

Wellington is the capital and second largest city in New Zealand. The residents of Wellington have one of the highest ratings of quality of life, with short commutes, low levels of pollution, and a thriving urban culture.

New Zealand's capital is bursting with life. Despite the five fault lines along which the city is located (and its associated earthquakes), the less-than 2 mile city is perfect for walking, dining and seeing all of the amenities of the comfortably dubbed "Coolest City in the World." In fact, Wellington is packed with over 400 cafes and restaurants – a number which rivals that of New York on a per person basis.

Before European colonization, the area in which the city of Wellington would eventually be founded was seasonally inhabited by indigenous Māori. The earliest date with hard evidence for human activity in New Zealand is about 1280. Until around 1840, various Māori tribes called the region home. Wellington was declared a city in 1840, and was chosen to be the capital city of New Zealand in 1865.

Interestingly, Wellington is also the most remote capital city, as it is the farthest away from any other capital. However, the luscious greenery and ocean sights more than make up for it. Home to Zealandia, a well-known eco sanctuary, the predator-free islands of Kapiti and Matiu Somes allow hikes through native bush, as well as night time kiwi-spotting tours in the wild.

Did you know?

Legend has it that "The Beehive," the city's well-known Parliament Building, was in fact designed on the back of a napkin as a joke. The designer never thought for a moment it would be built! Check it out below.

Photo credit: Ulrich Lange, Bochum, Germany, via Wikimedia Commons

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