Which country has the southernmost capital city in the Americas?

And the answer: Uruguay.          

As the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is situated on the southern coast of the country, near the southern Atlantic Ocean. The city is known for its rich cultural life – in fact, for 14 years the Mercer report has ranked Montevideo first among Latin American cities in terms of quality of living.

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Uruguay is a peculiarly laidback, gorgeous, and tiny country in South America. Though such a statement should seem like it comes with some contradictions, it truly is as picturesque as it sounds: Uruguay has long been hailed for its agricultural accomplishments, progressive society, political stability, advanced social legislation, and relatively large middle class. Situated squarely between Brazil and Argentina, this second-smallest country in South America enjoys access to wide-open land that is ideal for farming, and reaps the profits from exports such as wool, meat and dairy.

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Over half of Uruguay's population resides in Montevideo. The city is recognized around the globe for its diverse culture, delicious food, and high literacy rates; in fact, public education in Uruguay is completely free for citizens of the country, from childhood right up to university level. Montevideo is home to the city's public university, as well as four private institutions.

In addition to its friendly citizens and relative peace, in 2020 it was estimated that between 98-100% of Uruguay's electricity is generated through renewable sources. As if that wasn't enough, nearly every home in the nation (99.9%) enjoys access to electricity. You're killing the game, Uruguay.

Learn more about the history of this nation below.

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