If someone is a tricenarian, which characteristic do they have?

And the answer: their age is between 29 and 40.    

Someone who is in their thirties, from age 30 to 39, is known as a tricenarian. Similarly, someone in their 80s is an octagenarian, and someone who has reached their 100th birthday is a centenarian.


While stories of one's thirties run the gamut from the onset of slower metabolism to the pressures that often accompany having a young family, tricenarians are actually well-positioned for some of life's greatest experiences. According to recent CDC data, more women are physically and financially prepared for childbirth in their thirties than ever before, while endurance for sports and other physically intensive activities for all genders reach their peak. In fact, women aged 37 and men aged 39 are most likely to finish in the top ten of marathons, according to a study that examined performance over 13 years.

Additionally, while it's true that the brain begins to lose neurons during this decade, recent science has proved that our brains do not truly reach adulthood until age 30. At a meeting of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Oxford in London, researchers explained that our brains slowly transition to adulthood, which is finally reached in our 30s. As such, mental tasks like chess or other mind puzzles are more accessible during this age than in other decades of life.

As if that wasn't enough, average household earnings for those in their thirties grow significantly from the previous decade. It is within this time period that earnings, coupled with job security, begin to accumulate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It isn't until one's late forties that earnings begin to level out.

Check out this article for more perks of becoming a tricenarian.

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