The Zimmerman Telegram

During World War I, which German secret message offered the southwest region of the United States, including Texas, to the country of Mexico?

  • A. Zimmerman Telegram
  • B. Hindenburg Radiogram
  • C. Enigma Cipher
  • D. The Alamo Letter

27% of players knew the correct answer: A., Zimmerman Telegram

The Zimmermann Telegram was a secret diplomatic communication issued from Germany to Mexico in 1917. It proposed that if the United States entered World War I, then Mexico, with Germany's help, would recover Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Listen and learn more about today's topic with Murray and Tamika.

Question of the Day: The Zimmerman Telegram
Did you know that, in 1917, Germany offered Mexico a piece of the United States? In this Flashcast, Murray and Tamika discuss the secret message that Germany sent to Mexico during World War I.

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