The Smallest Bird in the World

What's the smallest bird in the world?

  • A. goldcrest
  • B. the bee hummingbird
  • C. gold finch
  • D. weebill

72% of players knew the correct answer: B., the bee hummingbird

Also known as the Helene hummingbird, the bee hummingbird is native to Cuba. As its name suggests, it's about the size than a bee, averaging less than 6 cm, or about 2 inches in length. Like all hummingbirds, it's fast and strong.

Listen and learn more about today's topic with Murray and Tamika.

Question of the Day: The Smallest Bird in the World
The world's smallest bird is indeed, as you would hope, very cute. Join Murray and Tamika as they learn from each other about how much the bee hummingbird weighs, the wingspan of the world's largest flying bird, and more fun facts about these world record holders.

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