The Queen's Privilege

In the United Kingdom, who is the only person who can drive without a driver's license?

And the answer: The Queen.

Queen Elizabeth is the only person in the UK who is allowed to drive without a license. Because they are issued in the Queen’s name, it would be unnecessary for her to give herself a license.

Photo credit: Public Domain. 

The Queen enjoys a number of unique privileges as the reigning monarch of the kingdom (no, it's not just crumpets in a fancy palace!). Besides not requiring a license, here is a non-exhaustive list of Her Royal Highness' powers.

  1. She doesn't require a passport, either. Like drivers licenses, passports are issued in the Queen's name, making it unnecessary for her to hold one herself. We know we'll be jealous next time we're waiting in a border control line.
  2. She can't be arrested. The Queen enjoys Sovereign Immunity for life, since that's the length of her term in the position. In addition, her entire family is spared from Freedom of Information requests, so no member of the family is required to provide private information.
  3. She's head of the Church of England. If she ever attempted to change her religion, her title would be removed (which, by the way, is the mouthful: Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Whew!)
  4. She celebrates two birthdays. Yes, you read that right – the Queen of England gets to celebrate her true birth date, April 21, as well as her "official" royal birthday the second Saturday in June. Royal birthdays have been a part of the Royal family since its inception.
  5. She doesn't have to pay taxes. Though, she opted to begin paying her fair share beginning in 1992 (billionaires, take note).
  6. She owns all the swans in the river Thames. And, all the dolphins in British waters. According to the official Royal Family website, the Crown has held the right to claim ownership of all unmarked swans swimming in open waters across the country since the 12th century. Why? Historically, this legislation was created because swans were eaten as a prized food at banquets and feasts (though, we can't imagine that's much the rage these days).    

As they say, God save the Queen. Learn more about the Queen's unique powers here.

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