The invented holiday, Wolfenoot, celebrates the spirits of wolves and people who are kind to which animal?

And the answer: dogs.  
Photo credit: Perhols.

Developed by a New Zealander’s then seven-year-old son, Wolfenoot begins with the Spirit of the Wolf hiding gifts around the home—with dog owners and those who are kind to dogs receiving the best gifts. The feasting menu includes roasted meat, as wolves are purported to eat, and a cake decorated like a full moon. As a result of total happenstance, Wolfenoot takes place on November 23rd, so there is plenty of gift-giving and feasting to go around.

Awooo! Calling all dog lovers—last night, November 23rd, was the annual celebration of the relatively new holiday Woolfenoot! In 2018, one zoologist’s seven-year-old son had the idea to recognize our loving canine friends with an idea that (according to him), just “came from [his] brain.” His mother, Jax Goss, spread her son’s adorable idea in a Facebook post that went viral, and thus Woolfenoot was born.

Soon after the post blew up, Goss decided to officially launch the holiday on a Woolfenoot website and set up a Twtitter feed for Woolfenoot celebrators to post their pups. Much to the surprise and happiness of Goss’ young son, many of those same Woolfenoot participants used the holiday as a chance to fundraise for dog sanctuaries and wolf conservation societies.

In the weeks leading up to Woolfenoot, Goss spreads joy and altruism by posting a kindness challenge on her platform. Among tasks like hanging out with an animal and planting something in the ground, are other, less Woolfenoot-related ideas, like doing something nice for yourself and volunteering your time. As it turns out, Woolfenoot fits right into the spirit of giving in the holiday season.

Boop a snoot today, and learn more about Woolfenoot here.

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