Which jazz musician was the producer of three of Michael Jackson's albums, including Off The Wall, and Thriller?

And the answer is: Quincy Jones.


Jones came to prominence in the 1950s as a jazz arranger and conductor, before moving on to work in pop music and film scores. His career spans over 60 years in the entertainment industry, with an incredible 80 Grammy Award nominations and 28 Grammy Awards.

Throughout the many decades of his music career, Jones' nearly constant musical innovation has hardly slowed. Besides working with the iconic Michael Jackson, Jones has created music for or with nearly every big name in the industry: Bruce Springsteen, Ella Fitzgerald, Prince, Ray Charles, Ice T, and the list goes on. As NPR puts it, "Jones remains unmatched as having been the coolest cat in the room for more than six decades."

Jones is also active in many other professional spheres. He has received awards for philanthropic efforts, accolades as a film and TV producer, and is one of few to have accomplished an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). Even at the age of 84 Jones has yet to slow down. In a recent interview with GQ, the legend states his plans for an upcoming documentary series and live TV event, hosted by none other than Oprah.

For masterminds such as Quincy Jones, one might start to wonder: what can't he do?

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