Which author became the first to have an estimated net worth of $1 billion?

  • A. Stephanie Meyer
  • B. Dan Brown
  • C. Danielle Steel
  • D. J.K. Rowling

68% of players knew the correct answer: D., J.K. Rowling

In 2014, J.K. Rowling became the first billionaire author. Her series of Harry Potter books have sold approximately 500 million copies around the world, and made into a series of popular films. So far, the Harry Potter movies have grossed over $7 billion at the worldwide box office.

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Question of the Day: The First Billionaire Author
How did J. K. Rowling become the first author to have an estimated net worth of $1 billion? Our award-winning co-hosts Tamika and Murray explore little known facts about how Rowling built an empire.

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