The Carpathia

Which of the following ships was the first to reach the site of the Titanic's drowning?

Considering the Olympic, the Carpathia, the Californian and the Antillian, the answer is: the Carpathia.

Photo credit: public domain. 

Though the Titanic had sunk by the time it reached, the Carpathia went on to rescue 705 people in lifeboats. During World War I, the ship was used to transport Allied troops and supplies, and sank when it was attacked by a German U-Boat.

April 10, 1912: the RMS Titanic departs South England on her maiden voyage. Along with her sister, the Olympic, the Titanic is the largest ship in the world. April 11, 1912: the Titanic departs from Queen Town, Ireland and enters the open ocean— making full steam for New York. That very same day, another, much smaller ship departs New York with 740 passengers in tow. The ship, RMS Carpathia, is headed to Austria-Hungary.

April 14, 1912, just 4 days into her maiden voyage: the Titanic strikes an iceberg. Fatally wounded, the Titanic slows to a stop. After assessing the damage, the crew determines that the ship has just 2 hours and 40 minutes before it goes under. 58 miles away, Harold Cottam is the sole wireless operator on the Carpathia. After receiving the Titanic's distress signals, Cottam promptly informs the captain of the Carpathia of the Titanic's position, and the ship begins the process of changing course to meet the ailing ship. They prepare triage centers, lifeboats, and manpower to treat survivors of the Titanic.    

2:20 AM: the Titanic plunges into the sea, sending the remaining survivors into the ice cold water. The Carpathia, still an hour and 40 minutes away, chugs ahead at 17 knots— 4 knots over the maximum speed of the ship. Finally, 4:00 AM: the Carpathia reaches the Titanic. For the next 4 hours, Carpathia loads over 700 passengers safely onto the ship to safety.

Learn more about the Titanic's tragic plight and the heroic actions of the Carpathia below.

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