Susanna Hoffs was the lead singer of which popular band in the 1980s?

And the answer: The Bangles.    

During the 1980s, the Bangles had several hit songs, including "Walk Like an Egyptian," "Manic Monday," and "Eternal Flame." The group was formed in 1980, when singer Susanna Hoffs joined sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson, later adding bass player Annette Zilinskas.    

Photo credit: Fotex/Shutterstock. 

Girl groups everywhere, take your hats off for the iconic Bangles. These touring '80s ladies pioneered the female band scene with legendary hits written by artists like Prince, Jules Shear, Liam Sternberg, and Simon & Garfunkel, as well as a large number of their own penned songs.

Before settling on Bangles as their band name, the group had a few other options in mind. Their early music – which was greatly rock-influenced, as all the members originally bonded over a love for The Beatles – lent itself to something a bit more, well, rock-y. So, at first, the band came into existence in Los Angeles bars known as The Colours, and then The Bangs. Unfortunately for them, though, another group was performing under the same name, leading to the -les at the end of their name.

The Bangles continued to perform into the '90s, until singer Susanna Hoffs decided to pursue a solo career. After a few albums, the group reunited in the early 2000s to continue their legacy as a legendary pop-group into as recently as 2018.

Listen to their iconic song "Eternal Flame" below.

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