Star Wars and Tatooine

In the original Star Wars movie, which African country was the setting for the planet Tatooine?

And the answer is: Tunisia.

The name Tatooine served as an homage to a nearby Tunisian town named Tataouine. Various scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV were shot in Tunisia, and many of the homes featured in the film were authentic Tunisian architecture.

Much of Skywalker's home was actually home to a native Tunisian Berber population. The centuries-old subterranean homes apparently inspired George Lucas, and consequently led his team to modify and create the illusion of a new planet in and around Tunisia. The set decorations came down when filming ended, but were rebuilt for 2000's "Attack of the Clones".

Today, some pieces remain on site. Guests can eat at the table where young Master Skywalker did, or take a trip out to a dried-up salt lake to see the exterior of Luke's igloo home.

Take a tour of the iconic landscape in the video below:

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