The Lena, Ob, and Yenisey are known collectively by which phrase?

And the answer: The Great Siberian Rivers.  

Photo credit: Ondřej Žváček. 

The Lena, Ob, and Yenisey Rivers are the three major rivers that flow through Siberia and empty into the Arctic Ocean. The Lena River is easternmost and starts in the Baikal mountains, the Yenisey is the largest and flows through central Siberia, and the Ob flows in the west.

Siberia is home to some of Earth's most extreme conditions. The world's largest forests, the oldest and deepest lake, and the coldest temperatures are all part of Siberian's vast wilderness. Siberia contains the greatest expanse of wilderness on the planet.

Due to the remote, frozen and often hostile land, civilization has been largely unable to thrive in large quantities. While Siberia is 77% of Russia, it has only 27% of its population – adding up to slightly less than 40 million people. Before Russian colonization began in the late 16th century, Siberia was inhabited by a large number of small ethnic groups whose members subsisted either as hunter-gatherers or as pastoral nomads relying on domestic reindeer.

However, that is not to say the region is uninhabited. Humans have lived in Siberia for as long as 125,000 years. In 2010, archaeologists discovered a human bone belonging to a hybrid of a Denisovan and Neanderthal in the Altai mountains of Siberia. Indigenous groups such as the Nivkhi, the Evenki, and the Buryat call the region home.

For a look inside one of the world's coldest cities, check out the video below.

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