Shrek and Eddie Murphy

In the 2001 computer-animated film Shrek, which actor portrayed the character named Donkey?

  • A. Mike Myers
  • B. John Lithgow
  • C. Meryl Streep
  • D. Eddie Murphy

85% of players knew the correct answer: D., Eddie Murphy

The movie stars Mike Myers as Shrek, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona, and Eddie Murphy as Donkey. Comedian Chris Farley was originally cast as the voice of Shrek, but passed away before work was completed.

Listen and learn more about today's topic with Murray and Tamika.

Question of the Day: Shrek and Eddie Murphy
Before playing the character Donkey in four Shrek films (and counting!), Eddie Murphy actually voiced the role of another animated movie character. Join Tamika and Murray in this Flashcast to learn which one, plus other entertaining tidbits about the Shrek series.

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