Romance Languages

Which of the following isn't a Romance language, or a language that originated from Latin?

Considering Romanian, Portuguese, Italian and English, the answer is: English.

The so-called "Romance" languages originated from Latin, which was the language spoken in the Western Roman Empire. Today, the most commonly used Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian.

Out of the so-called "families" of language, Romance languages are perhaps the easiest to identify and account for. The languages not only share large portions of their vocabulary but can also be traced fairly directly back to their origin in the Roman Empire. Roman occupation of the Iberian peninsula, Gaul (modern-day France and parts of Belgium), and the Balkans accounts for the "Roman" character of the major Romance languages. Later European colonial contact with parts of the Americas, Africa, and Asia explain the French, Spanish, and Portuguese spoken in those regions.

Today, Spanish is the most widely spoken Romance language in the world, clocking in at nearly a billion speakers around the globe. French takes second place, with 276 million native and non-native speakers, while Portuguese comes in third, with about 250 million speakers in total.  

And now, a joke:

Latin isn't a dead language – it's still Roman around!

Want to compare and contrast the sounds of the Romance languages? Check out the video below:

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