Pop singer Ricky Martin began his career with which musical group?

And the answer: Menudo.    

Photo courtesy: Jwan Yosef via Rolling Stone.

Born in 1971 with the name Enrique Jose Martin Morales, Ricky Martin joined the Puerto Rican band Menudo when he was 12. He eventually left the band to pursue acting roles, and soon after began his career as a solo artist. With hits like "Livin' La Vida Loca," he's become one of the best-selling Latin music artists of all time.

Long before the days of BTS or One Direction, it was Puerto Rican band Menudo that greeted stadiums of screaming fans. Translating to "loose change" or "young ones" in Puerto Rican slang, Menudo sold an estimated 60 million albums, made two movies and dozens of TV appearances, and filled a 105,000-seat soccer stadium in Mexico City in 1983. Despite the boyband's wild success, Ricky Martin knew he was destined for more. In 1989, Martin reached the group's age limit of 18 and returned to Puerto Rico just long enough to finish high school, before moving to New York to pursue a solo acting and singing career.

Martin's eponymous debut solo album was released in 1988. The following year, Martin performed at the Grammy Awards – already a global pop sensation with the release of his hit "Livin' La Vida Loca." While the singer didn't land an award with any of his four Grammy nominations, Martin continued his successful singing career. While Martin's solo albums have sold more than 70 million copies, Menudo disbanded in 2009.

Check out the video below to listen to Martin's hit "Livin' La Vida Loca."

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