Which animal is depicted on the logo of the fashion brand Ralph Lauren?

And the answer: horse.    

The logo for Ralph Lauren depicts a polo player on a horse. Lauren launched the company in 1967, and his first product was a line of ties under the name Polo.

Image: Corporate.ralphlauren.com/logos

Ralph Lauren is a legendary fashion designer whose career was born out of the desire to create American clothing, in whatever form that may take. Born Ralph Lifshitz in 1939 New York, Lauren's career began as a tie salesman working out of the Empire State Building. It was there that he found his passion for creating, and was inspired to design his own line of ties under the name Polo.

Photo credit: Ron Galella / Getty Images. 

When Lauren's fashion empire was still a hopeful idea, his designs were already marked with their signature, unique blend of American elite and tasteful, almost royal elegance. His first menswear line in 1968 featured tweed suits, while his 1971 women's line did much of the same (but with a feminine flare). In 1972, Lauren's signature mesh sports shirt debuted on the market, of course adorned with its trademark of a polo player.

After dressing the actors of 1974's The Great Gatsby, Lauren became a national phenomenon. Gatsby's elegance of days past perfectly aligned with Lauren's nostalgic vision, which he often defined:

“I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style—not fashion.”

In the early '80s, Lauren began expanding his empire to include fashionable accessories for all walks of life. Pillows, throws, bed and bath products, furniture, and household paint were all released under the Ralph Lauren name, while the designer also diversified his appeal by creating lines of clothing targeted at a wide range of price points and demographics. By this time, Lauren had gone global.

Learn more about Ralph Lauren's legacy here.

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