Lisbon is the capital city of which country?

And the answer: Portugal.

Known in Portugal as Lisboa, Lisbon is located on the Tagus River, about 30 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. The city is known for its rich seafaring history, as well as being the westernmost capital city in continental Europe.

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Portugal is a region with centuries of history under its belt, yet one that continues to adapt and thrive in the modern day. Centuries ago, though, Portugal looked pretty different – it was busy building one of the longest-lasting and widespread empires in global history. The Portuguese Empire actually lasted for over 600 years, and spread from Europe to Africa, the Americas, Oceania, and Asia. For this reason, there are over 250 million Portuguese speakers – known as lusophones – around the world, with many associated dialects.

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Consequently, modern Portuguese culture grows out of its rich history of Roman invasion, Moorish conquest, French and Flemish influence, and more. The Portuguese way of life is distinctive from that of its neighboring Spaniards, yet joyous all the same – as cities and suburbs have expanded in population, so too have the bustling fairs, markets, and terreiros (dance floors). Each region has its own style of dance and song, while Portuguese guitars (and sometimes violas) accompany the fado, a song form that epitomizes saudade: the yearning, romantic aspect of life.

And now, a joke.

Why aren't there any ducks in Portugal?

They're all Portugeese!

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