Which author wrote the lines, "You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so...get on your way!"

And the answer: Dr. Seuss.

Published in 1990, the children's book Oh, The Places You'll Go! was the last of Dr. Seuss' books to be published in his lifetime. Although it was written for children, the 56-page book has become a popular graduation gift.

Photo credit: Amazon.com. 

Although Dr. Seuss is known for his classics set in fantastical universes of every kind, Oh, The Places You'll Go! is one of his most widely loved books for its themes of adventure and the family you find along the way. Indeed, it is Seuss's best-selling book, and experiences a spike in sales every spring around graduation time. To date, it has sold over 12.5 million copies.

Even though the book was intended for children, its inspiration lies in a parting phrase Seuss picked up at his university. While attending Dartmouth, Seuss and his classmates liked to exchange an optimistic greeting: “Oh, the places you’ll go!” to which the a friend would reply, “The people you’ll meet!”

The book also contains illustrations that Seuss had been considering for years. In a 1978 special on Seuss, a wall full of original sketches can be seen, including two images which resurfaced ten years later in Oh, The Places You'll Go!    

Listen to the 1990 classic read aloud by J.K. Simmons below.

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