Known for creating stories with surprise endings, which 19th and 20th century author wrote "The Gift of the Magi?"

  • A. O Henry
  • B. Edgar Allen Poe
  • C. Stephen King
  • D. George Eliot

31% of players knew the correct answer: A., O Henry

Better known by his pen name O. Henry, William Sydney Porter was an American short story writer. First published in 1905, "The Gift of the Magi" tells the story of two young lovers, and how they deal with the challenge of buying secret gifts for each other, with very little money.

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Question of the Day: O. Henry
The author O. Henry wrote dozens of short stories, often with a surprise ending, that examine complex human relationships. In this Flashcast, Murray and Tamika explore his writings, what made him such a good storyteller, and which of his stories should you read next.

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