Musicians from New Jersey

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Frank Sinatra all hail from which U.S. state?
And the answer: New Jersey.    
Photo credit: Bettmann Archive, via Getty Images. 

Springsteen is from Long Branch, Bon Jovi is from Perth Amboy, and Sinatra is from Hoboken. New Jersey, also known as the “Garden State”, is home to many other performers including Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, and Lauryn Hill.

New Jersey is the most populated state by density. Apart from these celebrities, there are many more famous faces who hail from New Jersey. Musicians such as Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston and Paul Simon, Hollywood star Bruce Willis as well as American politician Cory Booker are only several of the distinguished personalities from the state. Check out the list below to test your knowledge on New Jerseyan celebrities.

  1. Ice T: Newark, NJ. Rapper, actor, songwriter, and producer, Ice T is an unmistakable face. Thank you, New Jersey, for this one.
  2. Dennis Rodman: Trenton, NJ. Rodman is a hall of fame NBA basketball player, and coincidentally happens to be friends with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
  3. Paul Rudd: Passaic, NJ. Rudd has blessed our screens in acting, writing, and producing roles since the 90s. His presence is unmistakable in films such This is 40, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, Knocked Up, and more.
  4. Jill Biden: Hammonton, NJ. The current first lady of the United States. Clearly, New Jersey creates winners.

Discover more New Jersey legacies here (spoiler: there are a lot!)

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