Mazel Tov!

Which of the following is a Jewish expression used to congratulate someone, or wish them good luck?

  • A. mahalo
  • B. mazel tov
  • C. salúd
  • D. in bocca al lupo

74% of players knew the correct answer: B., mazel tov

While "mazel tov" can be literally translated to mean "good luck," or "good fortune," it's typically not used ahead of a celebratory event. Instead, it's a recognition that something good has already occurred, more like “congratulations,” combined with, “thank goodness.”

Listen and learn more about today's topic with Murray and Tamika.

Question of the Day: Mazel Tov!
"You always needs a little mazel." Join Murray and Tamika on this Flashcast as they explore the Jewish expression "Mazel tov!" Learn a little about its background and how it's used (and be sure stick around for one of Murray's jokes at the end).

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