All four members of the Beatles were from which city?

And the answer: Liverpool.    

All four members of the Beatles were born in Liverpool, England. John Lennon and Paul McCartney first joined forces as teenagers in 1957, adding George Harrison a year later, and finally adding Ringo Starr in 1962.

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Liverpool is a bustling English city with many claims to fame. Beatles Lennon and McCartney met at an outdoor gig in the city in 1957 – a meeting that would change their lives forever. The young performers went on to play gigs all around the city, and in the next three years, took on the legendary name of the Beatles.

Meanwhile, Liverpool is also well known for their Premier League team Liverpool FC. The football (soccer) team was founded in 1892, and is one of the top competitors in the league today. In fact, the team has won six European Cups, more than any other British team. Besides their prowess on the pitch (field), the team boasts a loyal, worldwide swath of fans and followers that extends far beyond city limits. Their song of triumph, "You'll Never Walk Alone," earned associations with the team in the 1960s during home games, but upon the enthusiastic response of the fans, it became an official part of the club and can now be heard in stadiums across Europe.

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What's more: Liverpool is home to not one, not two, but six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The six areas –  Pier Head, Royal Albert Dock, Stanley Dock, Castle Street, William Brown Street, and Lower Duke Street – are remembered for their contributions to British history. Liverpool was a pioneer in the development of modern dock technology, transport systems, port management, and building construction, which are survived by these historic centers today.

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