Which of the following countries lies along the equator: Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Venezuela, or India?

And the answer is: Kenya.

Photo courtesy: Google Maps

There are 13 countries that intersect with the equator, with seven in Africa, including Kenya. While the equator divides the Earth into equal halves, it doesn't equally divide the land on Earth. Only about a third of the land in the world is situated in the southern hemisphere.

Kenya is home to vibrant community of tribal and urban culture. With its population of about 49 million people, some 47 tribes comprise the face of this East African nation. Each tribe brings to the table specialized interests, practices and talents. For example, while the Kikuyu are known for their skills in business, the Luhya excel in rugby.

Photo credit: ©Boydie

The natural splendor in Kenya is a sight to behold. The East African Rift running down the length of the nation creates natural rivers and mountain ranges that protect a robust conglomeration of wild animals such as lions, elephants, and wildebeests (yes, like in The Lion King!). Every July, The Great Migration occurs in Kenya, in which the largest migration on the planet moves million of nomadic species up to Kenya from Tanzania. As a result, Kenya is one of the densely inhabited wildlife regions in Africa.

There are some 68 languages spoken in Kenya, though the two most prominent are English and Kiswahili. Around 100 million people speak Kiswahili in East Africa, with influences from Arabic presence in the region.

For a modern take on Kenyan culture, check out this song from Kenyan singer-songwriter Eric Wainaina:

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