Juliet's Balcony

The Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet takes place in which Italian city?

And the answer: Verona.    

Located in northern Italy, Verona has become a tourist attraction. It's known for a 14th century house with a tiny balcony that overlooks a courtyard. This is said to be "Juliet’s House" from Romeo and Juliet.

Photo credit: wantedinmilan.com

Even though Romeo and Juliet is a fictional story of star-crossed lovers, the emotions which draw travelers to Verona are very real. Beneath the fated balcony (aptly named La Casa di Giulietta), scrawls of lovers asking for guidance and notes of aspiration decorate the walls. Some even leave or send letters to Juliet, to which a local volunteer group has taken on the duty of responding – a significant task considering the thousands and thousands of letters that pour in every year. The legend tells that if two lovers leave a message with their names on it, Juliet will cast a lucky spell on them and their love will last for eternity. This tradition is so widespread that it actually inspired the 2010 movie Letters to Juliet.

The famed house once belonged to the Cappello family (sound familiar?) and is even older than Shakespeare's most famous works. Although it was constructed in the 13th century, the balcony wasn't constructed until the 20th. It also now boasts a statue of Juliet, which is another beacon to touch for good luck.

Within the home, more wonders await. Genuine antiques from the 16th and 17th centuries line the walls, as do frescoes, paintings, and ceramics that were chosen to reflect the setting and story of Shakespeare's play.

Check out the historic site for yourself below.

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