In 2014, Australian author and photographer Richard Simpkin founded what holiday?

And the answer: World Letter Writing Day.  
Photo credit: public domain. 

To preserve the art and inspire others, Richard Simpkin travels to schools every year on the 1st of September to host letter-writing workshops. He is a bestselling author who has written about and photographed legendary Australians and other celebrities. He believes that “handwriting is your DNA. It’s your fingerprint that only you can share with others.”

Did you know?

Today, September 1st, we celebrate World Letter Writing Day! The holiday began back in the early 2000s, when Richard Simpkin decided to write letters to individuals who he considered to be Australian legends— and got responses in return! Simpkin’s adoration for handwritten letters led to the creation of his aptly named book, Australian Legends, in 2005. In 2014, Simpkin decided to take his appreciation a step further by founding World Letter Writing Day, to be celebrated on September 1st.

Letter writing is an ancient practice that has developed distinct characteristics across cultures. In Ancient Egypt, sheets of papyrus were inscribed to communicate information across distances. In Ancient Greece, anything from animal skin to metal to pottery fragments could be etched and sent along with a messenger. To historians today, access to these letters of personal, social, and business matters are essential to view past ways of human life in all its forms.

Fun fact!

Letter writing actually has numerous health benefits! Handwriting decreases stress levels by helping you organize and develop your thoughts, in addition to engaging necessary motor skills to increase your hand and finger strength. It also acts as a cognitive exercise that will help sharpen your memory!

Learn more about World Letter Writing Day and the benefits of handwriting here.

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