In 2012, which charitable holiday was created to offset winter holiday spending?

And the answer: Giving Tuesday.    
Photo credit: public domain. 

In 2012, Giving Tuesday was created to counteract consumer spending brought on by Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday. As a global movement of generosity, the Giving Tuesday organization encourages not only charitable giving but also creative ways to volunteer in one’s community. Although the organization began in the US, Giving Tuesday is now officially recognized in 70 countries.

As the popularity of American holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday grow each year, so does their charitable counterpart: Giving Tuesday. Each year, Giving Tuesday sets new donation records helping nonprofits such as food banks, healthcare organizations, natural disaster relief, and many more. Nine years into the movement, Giving Tuesday has spread from an idea born at the New York City 92nd Street Y to an international movement that looks to push back against consumerism, with money sent towards those in need. According to Stanford professor of political science and philosophy Rob Reich, who studies philanthropy and participated in the development of Giving Tuesday:

“It was a deliberate choice not to have intellectual property. We had a website with a logo but it was not copyrighted. You could use the [GivingTuesday] hashtag, you could do whatever you wanted with it. Everyone could put their own content into it, with the hope it could spread.”

And spread it has. Activities for this day of giving have been tracked to every country on the globe, and over 80 of those countries have official Giving Tuesday movements of their own.

Did you know?

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday! There are countless ways to get involved, from volunteering to donations to simply posting about the cause on social media. Learn more here.

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