Humphrey Bogart

For which movie did Humphrey Bogart win his only Oscar for Best Actor?

And the answer: The African Queen.

Photo Courtesy: public domain. 

Bogart was nominated for three Oscars for his legendary roles in Casablanca, The African Queen, and The Caine Mutiny, but he won for The African Queen. Premiering in 1951, the movie was directed by John Huston, and starred Bogart alongside Katherine Hepburn.

Though he's now celebrated as one of the best actors of his time, Humphrey Bogart wasn't always the star of the silver screen. Born in 1899 to a prominent New York family, Bogart spent his early childhood jumping from school to school due to his poor academics and restless nature. After a final stint at a rigorous boarding academy, Bogart enlisted in the United States Navy at just 17. Perhaps most notable from the experience was the rough-and-tumble scar Bogart acquired on his upper lip.

After his discharge from service in 1919, Bogart was left questioning the direction of his life once again. He landed a job as a company manager for a touring production of The Ruined Lady and was instantly attracted to the world of acting. Though, it wasn't for another ten years that Bogart experienced his breakthrough moment with his role in Robert Sherwood's The Petrified Forest. Apparently, Bogart's villain was so eerily convincing that the audience let out a gasp when the actor entered the scene. For decades following, Bogart continued to be cast in criminal roles.

Bogart managed to flip the script just in time to be cast in the lead role of the highly influential film Casablanca. The versatility of the actor was affirmed, and Bogart went on to become one of the most popular actors in the wake of the film's widely positive critical reception.

Watch Bogart deliver the famous, heartbreaking line: "Here's looking at you kid" from Casablanca below.

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