The country of Guyana is located on which continent?

And the answer is: South America.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

Often considered part of the Caribbean region, Guyana is located on the northern coast of South America. It shares borders with Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname. While English is the official language, the vast majority of the population speaks Guyanese Creole as their first language.

Guyana is home to a richly diverse population. After several centuries of European colonization, the demographics of the land are largely East Indian, African, Indigenous and mixed race peoples, each identity playing its own role in defining the culture, music and customs of the nation. And, for a country of 70% uninhabited land, the dense city centers of Georgetown and Linden have much to offer. Native Arawak and Carib crafts are popularly sold in markets – their brightly colored textiles, paintings, and intricate baskets are well-loved and abundant.

Photo Courtesy: The Crowded Planet. 

Meanwhile, the music of Guyana encompasses a range of musical styles and genres that draw from various influences including (but not limited to): Indian, Latino-Hispanic, European, African, Chinese, and Indigenous music. The annual Guyanese Music Festival helps bring in new artists, acts, and celebrates native customs.

To learn more about Guyanese geography and customs, check out the video below.

Or, for a taste of local food culture, check out this delicious recipe.

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