Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of which technology company?

And the answer: Google.

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Created in 2015, Alphabet Inc. was a result of restructuring Google to help narrow its focus. While Google is its largest asset, Alphabet has a host of other tech- and health-related subsidiaries. Alphabet is now the world's fourth largest technology company by revenue.

In an effort to keep Google on its track with its unconventional innovation, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin moved to reinstate Google and its other subsidiaries as a conglomerate under the parent company Alphabet Inc. in 2015. Doing so allowed the company to unite its interests and product lines, yet escape any antitrust scrutiny for its various ends. The founders also pitched greater transparency, and more specialized divisions within the conglomerate. With the new corporate structure, Alphabet can always argue that each company within its organization operates independently of the search engine.

Alphabet Inc. allows the search engine Google to focus its gaze while its "Other Bets" are able to grow on their own. These seemingly-vague Other Bets include ventures into healthcare projects, artificial intelligence labs, and even autonomous vehicle research. The idea is for each Other Bet business to stand alone financially with their own CEOs, budgets, and business goals allocated by Alphabet’s executive team.

For all other intents and purposes, however, Google remains the search engine we all know and love. Since its creation in 1998, Google has revolutionized the way we access information across the world. Alphabet comes as the next piece in the puzzle of this corporation’s innovation. Learn more about the 2015 restructuring here.

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