In 1995, what delayed the launch of the space shuttle Discovery?

  • A. astronauts who overslept
  • B. woodpeckers
  • C. fuel shortage
  • D. hurricane

28% of players knew the correct answer: B., woodpeckers

In 1995, NASA delayed the launch of the space shuttle Discovery, after they discovered woodpeckers had punctured dozens of holes in the foam insulation of a fuel tank. The birds were identified as yellow-shafted flickers, which display such behavior during courtship, and to mark their territory.

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Question of the Day: Flirtatious Woodpeckers and NASA
Who knew woodpeckers could alter the mission of a group of astronauts? In this Flashcast, Murray and Tamika explain how some flirtatious birds delayed the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1995.

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