A fjord is a long narrow inlet, with steep cliffs, created by a glacier. Which country's coastline has the most fjords in the world?

  • A. Norway
  • B. Denmark
  • C. Greece
  • D. Finland

58% of players knew the correct answer: A., Norway

While fjords can be found in several countries around the world with cold climates, Norway has the most, with more than 1,000. Most of Norway's 29,000 km of coastline is made from fjords.

Listen and learn more about today's topic with Murray and Tamika.

Question of the Day: Fjords
Carved out by glaciers, fjords are usually associated with Norway, with more than 1,000 along the country's coastline. But, as Murray and Tamika discuss in this Flashcast, fjords are actually found around the world.

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