Feng Shui

What's the term for the ancient Chinese practice of creating balance between humans and their environment?

And the answer: feng shui.

Photo courtesy: mindfuldesignschool.com.

Literally translating to "wind" and "water," feng shui is a philosophy that charts the balance of energy in a given space. Feng shui can be used as an interior design technique, by making good use of space, removing physical obstacles, and using a variety of materials in one's home or office.

Feng shui is intended to help create balance between oneself and the natural world. There are a number of working principles behind it, all of which fall under the broad practice of Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy. Taoism is known as the way of nature, while feng shui attempts to reflect nature.

In the feng shui philosophy, one's space can be ordered into several essential concepts: the commanding position, the bauga, and the five elements. The commanding position is the location in a room in which you spend the majority of your time, and this piece should be located diagonally from the door. This piece can be any important piece of furniture such as your bed (representing you), your desk (representing your career) or your stove (representing wealth). Positioning this piece so that it has a clear line of sight to the door is essential in ushering in positive energy.

The bauga refers to your larger home space, and is usually engaged to help identify areas of your life that need attention. "Bauga" translates to eight areas, and each relates to a different life circumstance, such as family, wealth, or career. There are a number of physical parameters associated with each and promote that specific category. For example, if you want to encourage fertility, you might add a metallic, circular table in the part of your house representing children.

The five elements (earth, water, wind, fire, metal), refer to the Taoist practice of interconnected systems. Like the bauga, correcting an area of your life requires that you recognize where your energy needs to be focused the most. Then, you may attempt to strengthen your energy and your home's energy by adding the suggested colors or shapes in that room.

Learn how to take feng shui into your own life by checking out this link, and watching the video below.

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