In 1956, Elvis Presley made his big-screen debut in which movie?

And the answer: Love Me Tender.

Elvis Presley, performing with guitar

Premiering in November 1956, Love Me Tender is set in Texas, following the American Civil War, and stars Elvis as the younger brother of a Confederate soldier. The movie was the first of 33 that Elvis made throughout his career.

While Elvis' movie career was prolific, many of his films did not receive the same worship as his songwriting hits. Many were considered duds – often lighthearted but just short-of-the-mark films such as "Tickle Me," "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "Kissin' Cousins." However, some of his films have had an unexpected and surprisingly broad-reaching influence. Presley’s second movie, the 1957 Technicolor-bright "Loving You," was a loose telling of his own rise to stardom and can be seen as a precursor to many subsequent pop star crossovers, perhaps most notably Prince’s "Purple Rain."

Better known and loved in the life of the King of Rock 'n' Roll were his outrageous dance moves and revolutionary additions to the world of music. As an avid church goer from Mississippi, Presley was deeply influenced by gospel and blues from a young age. After receiving his first guitar (a $12 birthday present), Presley began performing at church and school. He signed to a record and released his first hit, "Heartbreak Hotel," before the age of 21.

Check out the videos below to see the King's iconic "Jailhouse Rock" and learn more about his prolific career.

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