Thinking of dogs, Dalmatians are born without which feature?

And the answer: their spots.    

Known for their distinctive white coats and black spots, Dalmatians make great watchdogs and were originally bred to guard horses and carriages. While Dalmatians are born with their white fur, their spots don't begin to appear until a few weeks after birth.

Photo credit: Carlos Estrada

Despite the efforts of Cruella de Vil, Dalmatians are some of the most widely loved dogs — and one of the oldest breeds. Although the exact origins of this breed are unclear (they were known to travel with the Romani people, who are historically nomadic), depictions of the Dalmatian date back much further. In fact, spotted dogs have been found painted on the walls of Egyptian tombs, running alongside chariots. Dalmatians have historically made their mark (pun intended) in times of war, as they served as sentinels on the border of Dalmatia. However, they also make great herding, ratting, and hunting dogs.

What's more: Dalmatian spots aren't just beautiful; they're completely unique as well. Much like a snowflake, no two spots on any dog are the same, and thus no coat is identical to any other. We just wish someone had told Cruella de Vil that her coat would never be perfect...

Did you know?

The Dalmatian is also the only dog breed that was bred for “coaching,” which means running alongside a stagecoach and clearing crowds out of the way, so the horses could pass through.

Learn more about the beautiful and intelligent Dalmatian below.

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