Computer Shortcuts

On a personal computer, if you select the Control key and the C key at the same time, which shortcut have you used?

And the answer: Copy.    

There are several shortcuts available on a keyboard. For example, if you press the Control key and the letter S at the same time, you can save your document. (Mac users should press the Command key instead of the Control key.)

Photo credit: PC World

Today, there are dozens – perhaps even hundreds – of computer shortcuts that make our lives easier. From the simple Command + C for copy, to the more advanced Command + Shift + V for text format paste, here are a few computer shortcuts that all computer users should know.

P.S. – PC users should substitute the use of Command key for the Control key.

  1. Command + Z. This one is a life saver. If you ever accidentally delete a phrase or incorrectly edit a photo on your computer, don't panic – just hit Command + Z. This will undo the most recent action. You're welcome.
  2. Command + T. If you'd rather click a few buttons than scroll to the top of your window to open a new tab, this one's for you. Command + T is especially great for Google deep-dives or research projects, when you need to create multiple taps quickly.
  3. Option + Command + Esc. Computer freezing up? We got you. This shortcut will force quit an application that's not responding.
  4. Command + F. PDF fatigue be gone! Instead of scrolling aimlessly through a document for keywords, use this shortcut to search for specific words or phrases.
  5. Command + Shift + 3. You won't ever have to Google "how to take a screenshot" again with the help of this shortcut. Or, if you need to take a more specific or partial screenshot, use Command + Shift + 4.

Though these are but 5 of the impossibly long list of computer shortcuts, they should be enough to get you started. Check out a more exhaustive list here.

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