Charles Darwin

Which scientist traveled the world on the HMS Beagle, before writing a book on natural history?

  • A. Charles Darwin
  • B. Marie Curie
  • C. Isaac Newton
  • D. Albert Einstein

68% of players knew the correct answer: A., Charles Darwin

Beginning in 1831, Darwin's voyage on the HMS Beagle lasted nearly five years. He spent much of his time on land in South America, investigating geology and collecting specimens, while the ship surveyed and charted coast lines. He wrote about his findings in his 1859 book, On the Origin of Species.

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Question of the Day: Charles Darwin
Because of Charles Darwin's observations, we know that various species can change over time and adapt to different environments. In this Flashcast, Murray and Tamika explore what Darwin was like as a person and scientist, why he was so influential, and why his birthdate is extra special.

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