Ceviche is a type of meal that's made by marinating raw fish in which type of liquid?

And the answer: lime juice.

With roots in Peru and popular throughout Latin America, ceviche features raw fish cut into cubes, and cured in a liquid of lime juice, salt, chili pepper, onion, and cilantro. Lemon juice is also sometimes used.

Photo credit: Eatperu.com

Though it may sound simple, ceviche is a complex and culturally-informed dish that comes from the heart of Latin America. Prepared in a centuries-old method of cooking with the acid of limes or lemons, ceviche comes in as many variations as there are countries in South and Central America. Each region brings to it a new, delicious flavor – such as serving it with tortilla and onion in Mexico, or preparing it family-style in Ecuador with corn nuts on the side.

One of the most prevalent and ubiquitous ideas in the ceviche-game is the need for fresh fish. Whether the sea bass or sole of Peru, or flathead or pink snapper of Australia, the fresh fish is a necessary element if correct "curing" processes can occur in the acidic juice. Indeed, when the acid of the citrus comes in contact with the fish, similar to its cooking process the flesh becomes opaque and firm. While it may appear cooked, it's not! Raw, fresh fish makes the cold delicacy perfect for summer months. In fact, National Ceviche Day is celebrated yearly on June 28th (better start preparing now for 2022!).

Learn more about the history ceviche and how to make this delicious dish here.

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