Caveat Emptor

When someone says the Latin phrase "caveat emptor," what are they trying to say?

  • A. "With good faith"
  • B. "Buyer beware"
  • C. "Seize the day"
  • D. "Give me this for that"

45% of players knew the correct answer: B., "Buyer beware"

"Caveat emptor" is the idea that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality of goods, before a purchase is made. In other words, "Let the buyer beware."

Listen and learn more about today's topic with Murray and Tamika.

Question of the Day: Caveat Emptor
"Caveat Emptor" is one of those Latin phrases we hear often, but do you know why? In this Flashcast, Tamika and Murray discuss the meaning behind the phrase and why it's used so much.

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