Captain Hook

In the 1953 Disney movie Peter Pan, the crocodile is known to have swallowed a clock, and which other object?

And the answer: Captain Hook's hand.

Photo credit: Disney Wiki.

In the movie, Peter takes the Darling children to Neverland, where they encounter a pirate ship anchored offshore. The ship's commander, Captain Hook, plots revenge on Peter, after Peter cut off his hand and fed it to the crocodile. For his part, the crocodile follows Hook everywhere he goes, hoping for another taste.

One of the most cunning and infamous pirates on the seven seas, Captain Hook is Peter Pan's arch-nemesis. We know him best as captain of the Jolly Rodger, the most feared ship in Neverland. However, audiences have often long wondered why Hook hates Peter so much, and just what led him to be so cruel.  

Recent elaborations on the classic Peter Pan story help to shed some light on Hook's evil tendencies. Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates television series reveals that Hook's childhood was full of hardship. Raised by his mother, Mama Hook, our villain struggled under the weight of expectancy (as his mother was a widely successful pirate), and as a result he was ostracized by his peers. His mother's constant scolding, in combination with the taunting of the other children, created a hardness in Hook that never seemed to leave him.

What do you think? Did Hook deserve the fate he received? For more theories, check out the video below.

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