The city of Yaoundé is the capital of which country?

And the answer is: Cameroon.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A triangular-shaped country located at the crossroads of Central and West Africa, Cameroon has shores on the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, and shares borders with six countries including Nigeria. Home to over 26 million people, the country has a vast geography that includes beaches, deserts, mountains, and rainforests.

Cameroon is an incredibly diverse nation. Over 230 languages are spoken across the region, including French, English, and many Bantu-speaking variations. Due to its some 200 ethnic groups and highly varied languages, Cameroon is sometimes known as "Africa in miniature."

Photo Courtesy: Kay&Sly Photos. 

Cameroon is also known for its diverse plant and animal life, many of which is considered some of the rarest in the world. The world’s rarest great ape, the Cross-River gorilla, calls several Cameroon forests home. This ape was unknown to science until the early 20th century, and is still widely speculated upon. Currently, the country is home to over 409 species of mammals and 165 species of birds.

The nation of Cameroon is home to a rich food culture – a tasty side effect of the fertile growing lands across the region. One staple of which is the essential (and delicious) West African dish: Jollof Rice. Check out the video below to bring an authentic taste of Cameroon into your own home.


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