In bowling games that use the traditional 10 pins, what's the highest possible score for a complete game?    

And the answer: 300.

In a typical bowling game, the highest possible score is 300. This is achieved by bowling 12 strikes in a row – that's when all pins are knocked down in 12 consecutive turns.  

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Bowling is an ancient sport that has been enjoyed across continents and centuries – everyone from toddlers to grandparents seems to enjoy the competitive but fun nature of the game. To celebrate this popular sport, we've put together a few fun facts about bowling:

  1. Bowling has roots that date back to Ancient Egypt. According to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, evidence of bowling items was discovered in an Egyptian grave in the 1930s. This means that the sport dates back to around 3200 BCE, so when we say it's as old as the written word...we're not exaggerating!
  2. 9-pin bowling was...surprisingly illegal. When bowling was considered a dangerous game, 9-pin bowling (also known as skittles) was declared against the law in some parts of the U.S. In response, most bowling alleys now use 10 pins in their lanes.
  3. Bowling used to occupy a religious role in Germany. Around the 3rd and 4th century, churches in Germany would hold ceremonies in which a stone would be rolled down a long runway to knock over a club (resembling a modern-day pin). If the pin was knocked over, your sins would be cleansed.
  4. Bowling used to be a "gentleman's game." Until 1917, only men were allowed to bowl, due to The American Bowling Congress's classification of the game as a "gentleman's sport." The Women’s National Bowling Association was formed in 1917 in the hopes to expand the sport.

Learn more bowling fun facts here.  

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